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Posted on 4th October 2017

“At Fish Island, we are hoping to harness the characteristics that contribute to the area’s vibrancy, creating something playful and unique’– Amy Corrigan, associate at Lyndon Goode.

We take great pride in ensuring every detail of your new home is carefully thought out and planned, so we thought why not share the ideas from behind the scenes with you? Lanterna Building sits at the gateway to the island, drawing from the design elements of local architecture to create its pavilion design, making an impact from every viewpoint. Lyndon Goode took inspiration from the constantly changing canvas of street art surrounding Fish Island Village, to develop a layered effect design for the façade of the building, incorporating a herringbone detailing that wraps around the building to provide a continuous pattern.

Made in Cornwall by Cornish Concrete, the cladding combined with the chemical retardant hand painted into the latex moulds achieve a tough finish that reflects the industrial heritage of the area, providing authenticity and mirroring the graffiti process which inspired the design concept. To further highlight the herringbone depth of the design, a pale umber anodised aluminium material will be applied to the recessed entrances, bin stores and window frames to create a reflective shimmer in contrast to the dark tones of the concrete.


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