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Posted on 23rd October 2017

“I use abstract and figurative elements to create pieces that bear testament to our journey through life” – Michael Worobec.

We are delighted to support Michael Worobec, a local artist based at Mother X Studios, who was involved in the original ‘Your Work Here’ hoarding project 2016, for his exhibition ‘Fragments’ following winning the Unit G Gallery Hackney WickED Art Prize. Michael tells us that he enjoys the cut and thrust of the varied and dynamic artistic community of Hackney Wick and Fish Island, therefore making his place here. Art has always been a huge presence in Michael’s life. In 1986 he graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Honours Degree in Drawing and Painting. Following those years Michael gained a wealth of experience across a variety of landscapes: becoming a theatre and textile designer, illustrator, adventure playground designer, vocalist, actor. After moving to London in 2000, Michael found passion in teaching at North London Comprehensive School as Head of Art. Michael continues to teach and inspire young pupils within a primary school alongside his artist career.

Michael tells us, “Fragments emerged out of a picture in my head of a spacecraft, an automated vehicle travelling through time and space, many years after life existed on earth, an empty vessel that has become the depository of these Fragments, a bank of images, totems”.

“The characters in my paintings illustrate windows to an archive; they portray a visit from the past. We come into existence as a blank page or screen. Genetics are in place to start us off; then external factors are marshalled and start to shape the blankness. Our personality, our self-image is played out in a theatre directed by experiences and events”.

‘Fragments’ will be held at Stour Space, just a stone’s throw from Fish Island Village on the 27th October- 5th November. Michael tells us the exhibition will be an account, a personal archive where imposition, doubt and anxiety are chronicled. For further event information, visit:


Take a look at more of Michael’s stunning artwork here:
Instagram: michael_worobec



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