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From the edginess of effortlessly cool to the robust and traditional architecture, there’s a real feeling of authenticity. This part of East London has a strong industrial heritage, which is clear to see in the materials being used at Fish Island Village. Each of the buildings might have a modern twist, but the exteriors genuinely reflect the surrounding area and evolve a new layer on Hackney Wick’s proud history


The land on which Fish Island sits dates back to 1865 and was originally used as a gas works. The Gas Light and Coke Company established Fish Island as a small factory town, but it was severely damaged during World War II. Since then, this part of East London has always been popular with artists, designers and artisans and it has a strong industrial heritage. More recently, Fish Island and Hackney Wick have gone through a creative revival and the Olympics further helped to put the area on the map.


"It's good people that make good places", wrote the author Anna Sewell and never has a truer word been spoken about Fish Island. Today London's hidden gem is home to a vibrant mix of movers, shakers, doers and makers and now it's your turn to take your place in history. In more recent times the area has become an epicentre for artists and street art is an inherent part of the area’s character and identity. It’s in the fabric of the locality and this, combined with an industrial feel, creates part of the vibrant urban landscape so reminiscent of parts of Brooklyn, Berlin or Hamburg.


We aren't just place makers. Our overarching vision is to create a sustainable and supportive environment for all that live here and our part in the wider story of Fish Island is made even more authentic by our collaboration with the existing community.   We recognise that art is part of the local DNA and we don’t want to change that; we want to build on it and celebrate the local talent this area is so renowned for. That’s why we teamed up with local artists and invited them to leave their own interpretation of Fish Island Village on the hoarding.